Our new home

Our new home


There is so much to do and determine in building a new house!  I'll try to keep this site as up-to-date as I can with all that's going on in the Stovall build-a-home saga...

We intend to live in this  new house the rest of our lives, Lord willing, so we have had to plan for several phases of our life.  The first floor is designed to be handicapped accessible, from the room and door layout to switch and outlet heights, to the use of pocket doors rather than swing doors.

Here are early photos of our building site

I looked at thousands of house plans, found some interesting one, but not a  single one had all the features we are looking for.  So, I spent mucho time trying out various concepts, using 3D Home  Architect Deluxe 4.  Once I got the basic plan done, I worked with Ralph Pressel of Before The Architect to get workable plans generated.

Building technology is a rapidly developing area, but here are my selections for today...