December 2003

December 10, 2004: The siding is making slow progress, but it certainly is looking nice!  Back in September, we had started putting up Everest Blue siding, and once we had one wall sided, we realized that it was too gray for our taste.  So, off came the blue, and we waited, and waited, for the siding guy to get back to us to put classic cream siding on.  Finally, in November, he did.   Yes, that is snow on the ground.

December 26, 2004: The siding is complete, except for installation of the porch posts.  The windows will eventually be framed with blue shutters. 

We are EXTREMELY glad to have the siding done, because without the siding on, we kept having leaks at the seams between the one story sections and the two story section.  I hypothesized it was because the house wrap was not all the way to the roof, so the rain was working behind it, but I couldn't get the house wrap up there without a special scaffold.  Fortunately, the siding guys finished the house wrapping for me while they were siding the gables...